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                Tarot Card Reader

Tested, Tried and True

Ecstatic to announce I have been tested and have become  a member of Shay Parker's
Best American Psychic"

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Psychic Code of Ethics

There are those that say guides and readers should stand by a strict code of ethics;
I proudly abide by such a code:
– Abide by the Threefold Law of Return & “And it harm none – do what ye will"
– Treat others in as you would like to be treated. We are all sisters and brothers.
– Integrity, Discipline and Respect will be self-evident in all affairs as I look to

   represent this Tradition.
– Practice this craft according to Hermetic Laws, and  are accountable to

  the God, Goddess and to ALL
- Take full responsibility for my own energy, setting and running it accordingly.
- Taking the time to ground myself before each and every reading
- Committed to being in my body and experiencing the present moment.
- To be emotionally neutral and always aware of which energy is mine and which is not.
- I will not undermine another by taking on their problems; I create no dependencies.

 Instead, by example, - I will teach the laws of autonomy and free will.
- Choose not use my abilities to control, manipulate or program another.
- Use my clairvoyance to see the TRUTH for each person
- Reading the past and present with only a reference to the probable and possible  

  futures of another, thus allowing the other the freedom  to create their own future.
- Communicate to with openness and positive intention.
- Create heart connection with others, and accept each as an equal Human Being

  and spiritual Beings.
- Devoting my life to the purity and truth of my own essence energy, as well as helping

  others find their own purity and truth within their own hearts.
- I will devote myself to the individuality of each soul, respecting that individuality in its

 search for health, well-being and ultimately Oneness.

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Mario Marz, is a tarot reader, natural psychic and an initiated in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft. He knew from a early age, that he was different, in the way he saw and heard things around him, his intuition still guides him to this very day in readings not only shining a light on what is going on but also helps provide you with a plan and pathway towards clarity on your journey, with take-aways and options that help you become unstuck, in what truly matters to you about love, finances and life. His clients truly enjoy his honest, caring approach, as you laugh and smile through the bright points of your life. Many of his clients often reschedule. He looks forward to speaking and connecting with you.Walked many paths through the crossroads spiritual arts and currently a working and licensed Tarot Card Reader, online and in person.

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